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Month: September 2017

OBH wins InnovateUK grant funding

Exciting times ahead at OBH as we win grant funding from InnovateUK for a ‘Real World Outcomes’ feasability study. We will be testing the feasibility of a product to generate Real World Evidence for Life Science companies in pharmaceuticals and devices to test the ability to use existing healthcare and administrative data to measure the impact of an intervention, device, technology or drug, on health outcomes.

Why is it needed?

  • Innovations and tech interventions want to measure the impact their service/product has on people’s outcomes
  • Pharmaceuticals increasingly needing to show Real World evidence (RWE) of impact, post licensing surveillance, and as a condition of regulatory/licensing approval
  • Move from payment for each pill to payment for outcomes
  • NHS providers asked to improve outcomes under new outcomes-based contracts are looking at which interventions can have the most impact

We are very excited for this opportunity because by driving the system value of pharmaceuticals and devices, we can create system efficiencies and hopefully ease demands of services.

Commissioning in Healthcare – UK Health Show

Our CEO and founder, Rupert, recently spoke to a full house at the UK Health Show! Presenting on outcomes based contracting, Rupert discussed how learning lessons from international models of care signals the way forward for the NHS, specifically in delivering new commissioning, outcomes based, accountable care models. There was only standing room left to listen in on how delivering outcomes over the long-term can allow space for innovation and integrating care around patients, and how the payment mechanism can better support new models of care.

For more information on outcomes based contracting, see here.