With technology rapidly advancing, the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare are increasing. Used effectively, AI can be a key tool in helping health services to deliver better outcomes.

Reform recently published a paper “Thinking on its own: AI in the NHS,” supported by our CTO, Nasrin, on the paper’s advisory board. The report describes areas where AI can help the NHS deliver better outcomes, highlights the barriers to implementation along with solutions, and sets out recommendations for AI in the NHS.

AI could reduce the demand on the system, but it’s not going to happen overnight. The authors state that, “the NHS ‘has a long way to go before AI can be effectively leveraged’. Both buy-in from patients and healthcare professionals needs to improve. This will be a factor of time for people to trust this technology and will also partly depend on the AI interface design and explainability. Increasing the user-friendliness and having a clear understanding of human-computer interaction can influence the adoption rate of this technology amongst healthcare professionals.”

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