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Month: March 2018

We are in The Times!

Our CEO Rupert was recently interviewed for an article in the The Times. Talking about value based healthcare and it’s need in the UK, Rupert says “We are very good at spending money on doing things, at operating on people and prescribing tablets. But we are quite weak at knowing whether it has made any difference whatsoever. Has it really impacted some-one’s life? Is their quality of life better? Is their mobility better? Their pain?”

We can put the focus back on the patient with value-based healthcare and can make progress towards a more sustainable system where we measure and pay for success based on those outcomes that matter to people.

We are delighted with the attention value based approaches are getting and are always ready to talk about it! Click here to read the article, or download the full Future of Healthcare supplement here.

Juliana speaks at WIRED Health Conference

Earlier this March, WIRED Health hosted their annual healthcare conference to challenge the health industry to transform. WIRED Health covers a great span of topics and themes, with the underlying goal being to help inspire and facilitate change in the health sector. OBH was happy to participate in this year’s WIRED Health Startup Showcase, with our co-founder Juliana taking the lead to discuss outcomes as a currency to pay for prevention and data for better outcomes.

We’re delighted WIRED Health listed us a healthcare startup people should know about. Check out the list here.