If you’ve been following us lately you’ll know that we recently launched our novel suite of outcome measures: HEALTHSPAN!

We’re very excited about the potential HEALTHSPAN holds to help keep people healthy longer and make health systems more sustainable. We believe HEALTHSPAN is arguably one of the most important population outcomes that health and care systems should be measuring, so we’re delighted that its importance has been picked up by The Times. To read our full feature, see here.

“As we progress our plans to more integrated health and care services across England, I would encourage anyone involved in planning, paying for or delivering health services to start measuring HEALTHSPAN,” said Jonty Heaversedge, medical director for primary care and digital transformation at NHS England(London).

In case you missed what HEALTHSPAN is about, it is a novel suite of metrics that provide a unique way of measuring the health of a population that we’ve worked hard on refining. Discover more at humanhealthspan.com