In keeping with the somewhat virtual world most of us continue to live in, CEO Rupert spoke at the Longevity Leaders World Congress 2020 via livestream this week on the topic of “Data-dive: National HealthSpan and Lifespan modelling in the UK”!

OBH recently contributed to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity ‘The Health of the Nation’ national strategy for #HealthierLongerLives, and Rupert discussed the importance of applying an objective approach to measuring individual health status, covering whole populations. This evidence suggests that more people are being diagnosed with significant long-term conditions earlier in their lives, and living with them for longer than we had previously thought. So measuring the progression of ill health and population level changes over a life course has never been more important.

Using routinely collected, linked longitudinal health and care data, from multiple ‘real world’ care settings, OBH’s objective HEALTHSPAN® measure monitors population-level changes in the proportion of life spent in good health.

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