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Month: August 2020

Diabetes #COVID19 mortality & risk in England paper published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology!

Fantastic to see NHSE England and Public Health England’s #diabetes #COVID19 mortality & risk in England paper published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology!

The whole population study used the Bridges to Health National Population Segmentation dataset developed in partnership between Outcomes Based Healthcare, NHS England, Arden and Gem CSU and Public Health England to identify co-morbidities and ethnicity.

One of the many brilliant examples of the power of #healthanalytics in creating actionable insights to support the national response to Covid-19 – driven by a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, analysts, researchers and more!

Read the full paper here.


National HEALTHSPAN and Lifespan modelling in the UK features in Longevity Trends 2020 Report!

Published by the Longevity Leaders in August 2020, the report summarises the most important trends in longevity research to date that businesses, policy makers, scientists and the general population should be aware of.

Having recently presented at the Longevity Leaders World Congress 2020 on National HealthSpan and Lifespan modelling in the UK, CEO Rupert’s presentation was summarised in this edition of the Longevity Trends Report. Making reference to OBH’s objective HEALTHSPAN® measure which monitors population-level changes in the proportion of life spent in good health, the whitepaper highlights the importance of applying an objective approach to measuring individual health status, covering whole populations.

With evidence suggesting that more people are being diagnosed with significant long-term conditions earlier in their lives, and living with them for longer than we had previously thought, measuring the progression of ill health and population level changes over a life course has never been more important.

Read the full report here.