In partnership with All Together Better (ATB) Sunderland, Outcomes Based Healthcare have jointly published a case study which provides reflections on the progress of the ATB Sunderland ‘Outcomes’ programme, and shares learning from Sunderland’s Population Health Management journey to date.  

ATB Sunderland is an alliance of out of hospital providers and commissioning organisations, who partnered with OBH in 2019 to develop capabilities and draw on expertise in outcome measurement. Over the past four years ATB Sunderland and OBH, have developed a unique person-level linked longitudinal primary and secondary care segmentation dataset for the population, using the internationally recognised ‘Bridges to Health’ Segmentation Model to their population. This dataset now underpins one of the richest longitudinal records of whole population health outcomes data of its kind, measuring outcomes on a monthly basis from April 2013 to March 2022. 

ATB Sunderland and OBH also built a comprehensive Outcomes Framework which includes 27 outcomes, aligned to key strategic areas of Sunderland CCG’s transformation programme and scope of services. This includes a unique set of outcome measures called ‘HEALTHSPAN®’, which can show whether people are in good health, and for what portion of their lives. Population-level ‘HEALTHSPAN®’ developed by OBH over the last five years is an objective whole population outcome measure of the amount of time individuals spend in good health. This is used to indicate the success of health and care systems in helping keep people healthy for the greatest possible proportion of their lives. 

The outcomes data is visualised in OBH’s Outcomes Platform, an online tool accessible to ATB clinicians and those working in the ATB alliance. The Outcomes Platform is part of ATB’s growing Population Health Management (PHM) programme. Insights are used to understand the health and care needs of the local population and to proactively plan services for different groups of people within the population. 

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