We’ll be posting resources and blogs here to explain in detail what outcomes based healthcare is all about, as well as the book, which gives an overview of outcomes based approaches to healthcare.

In a nutshell though, there are three main activities…

  • Talking to people about what outcomes really matter to them.

  • Organising care around those outcomes.

  • Measuring outcomes to see what’s working.

    Passionate about co-producing and co-defining health outcomes with the people who receive and provide those services.

    OBH are outcomes data specialists, providing tools and technology that support and make it easy and quick to adopt of outcomes based approaches to healthcare. We work with healthcare providers, commissioners, digital health companies and patients who wish to define, measure and improve outcomes which matter to people.

    A consultancy- however we do some carefully selected advisory work with organisations who are getting started on outcomes, or getting to grips with some of the challenges this approach presents. Where we do get involved in providing advice, our focus is firmly on education, facilitation/mentoring and quality assurance.

    Meet The Team

    Rupert is founder and CEO at OBH
    Juliana is co-founder and COO at OBH
    Nasrin is co-founder and CTO at OBH.
    Jacquelyn is a writer by background and Executive Assistant at OBH.
    Mushtaq is a business intelligence specialist.
    Luciano has a background in computer science, with OCA Java SE7 certification and with J2EE development experience.
    Nico Schonken is an information and data integration professional.
    Aseem is a Senior Health Outcomes Analyst.
    Ellie is a Senior Health Outcomes Analyst
    Heather is a Senior Data Scientist.