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Population segmentation — so what?

Population segmentation is definitely the buzz word of the month. At OBH we’ve been working on segmentation for as long as we have been measuring outcomes. To us, they are two sides of the same coin. So what is population segmentation, and why is it important in healthcare?

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OBH Outcomes Platform selected for NHS Innovation Accelerator programme announced by NHS England Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh and Professor Robert Wachter

NHS England Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh along with US Digital Health expert Professor Robert Wachter will today (9 November 2016) reveal eight health innovations set to join the NHS Innovation Accelerator at an event taking place in London to launch year two of the programme.

Last year, the programme selected 17 innovations and supported their roll out across over 380 NHS organisations, benefiting millions of NHS patients.

Each of the innovations are evidence-based and cost-saving and focus on providing solutions to key challenges facing the NHS, including better prevention of ill health, improved management of long term conditions and early intervention into diseases…

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Does Facebook Know When I’m Not Well (and can it do anything about it) ?

Just imagine getting a Facebook notification suggesting you should take paracetamol, maybe take an afternoon off and cook some chicken broth; indeed, a couple of hours ago you noticed your nose was running, and you felt a bit shivery. But how could Facebook know?

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#OBHIS2 – Two Things We’ve Learned … About Health Data

1 – Data is getting (even more!) interesting

At OBH, we’re starting to explore the potential of big data in improving health care delivery…

2 – Even we don’t know what health data is anymore (but don’t tell anyone!)

For years, healthcare data has been viewed simply as the data which is generated by the health care industry. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that seemingly irrelevant data, like social media posts, location and GPS tracking, your shopping habits, income and voting habits, may actually be equally powerful, and could actually provide greater insights to your health…

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#OBHIS2 – Two Things We’ve Learned …About Digital Health

1 – A change is gonna come…but it might take some time

Perhaps ironically, in one of the fastest moving, most rapidly evolving sectors there is, we’ve learned that working in digital health requires patience…

2 – Answer a problem that really exists

Since we started OBH two years ago, we’ve been fortunate to work with and alongside several other startups and partner organisations. Through this experience, we’ve noticed that the most passionate, exciting (and successful) companies are the ones who have a problem they are trying to fix. Too often we’ve come across organisations who are building a business and searching for a problem to solve…

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#OBHIS2 – Two Things We’ve Learned … About Implementing Outcomes Based Healthcare

1 – There’s a risk that we don’t get ‘outcomes’ right

The biggest risk we see in our work to help healthcare organisations to define, measure and pay for the outcomes of care is a lack of precision in what actually constitutes an outcome. The way we see it, there is an element of the Emperor’s new clothes here: just calling activity and process measures ‘outcomes’ doesn’t actually make them outcomes! Similarly, if we call everything we currently do ‘value’ then we are not being honest with ourselves, and it makes it even harder for us to create true value…

2 – …But there is also a risk if we don’t change

So, getting outcomes ‘right’ does require a different way of working, it does require a fundamentally fresh way of thinking and perhaps even an element of risk. But we find that, too often, we can forget the risk of the status quo…

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#OBHIS2 – Two Things We’ve Learned …About Being A Startup

1 – Build a team who you like, but who are not like you

Quite simply, you need people who are going to tell you a rubbish idea is rubbish. Teams of people who look at things the same way may be very harmonious but often aren’t as effective as teams which are comfortable with challenging each other…

2 – …It’s not just what you do, it’s where you do it

Over a year ago, we made a deliberate decision as a team to physically take ourselves from within the healthcare establishment to firmly outside it, and moved from our previous offices (okay, office… okay…cupboard) within an established healthcare think tank, to Techspace, firmly within the flat-white sipping Silicon roundabout catchment area, and surrounded by collaborators in the tech, healthtech and digital space…

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PRESS RELEASE: Outcomes Based Healthcare and Big Data Partnership Secure Grant for a £1m Project To Use Big Data to Predict Complications of Diabetes

Outcomes Based Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading health outcomes advisory and technology companies and Big Data Partnership, big data service provider across all industries, today announced that they have secured a match-funded grant for a £1m project from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency (formerly the Technology Strategy Board) for a ‘Digital Health in a Connected Hospital’ funding call.

Outcomes Based Healthcare and Big Data Partnership are working together to lead the drive toward a more personalised, data-driven approach to improving health outcomes in people with diabetes.

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