OBH partner with TableCrowd to host Health Tech Start-Ups Dinner

It’s well known that established systems and industries are often resistant to change. The healthcare industry is not an exception. Nevertheless, disruption in healthcare is happening, and one of the reasons why the system is having to wake up to this is the variety of exciting opportunities technology can bring.

At OBH we believe in sharing stories, crazy ideas, learning and collaborating. Our recent move to the heart of ‘silicon roundabout’ and to a co-working tech start-up space Techspace, has led us to meet and learn from many fantastic tech start-ups operating in a vast number of industries.

So we wanted to organise an evening where start-ups involved in health and technology could share ideas, inspirations and experiences, and learn from each other? Of course, this has been done before. There are loads of networking events all over the capital. To make this a little different, to enable really deep and inspirational conversations, this had to be done over dinner!

With this in mind, on Wednesday 16th July, OBH in partnership with TableCrowd invited a number of Health Tech start-ups for a first ever health tech dinner for founders, CEOs, and other health tech enthusiasts. The dinner was indeed unique: we wanted to liberate ourselves from common but at the same time restricting seminar/talk format and move towards something akin to French salons – have dinner, wine, a bit of exclusivity and a lot of in engaging, yet spontaneous conversations.

Upon arrival all the guests attending (Mastodon, Holding your Hand, Pace 4 Life, MedeAnalytics, Klappo, Geneix, Eclipse Experience, Umotif, Digital Clipboard, Tictrac, My Clinical Outcomes, Informa, Ginger.io, Toothpick, Wells Park Communication, Zesty, Applied Nanodetectors, Dr Care Anywhere, Artemis Healthcare Ventures, MedX, Catapult and Science Practice) had obligatory opportunity to mingle and make initial introductions. Getting over 30 people to sit down for dinner took some time and was a real challenge, despite the personalised name cards at each seat. Dinner was served, and the conversations continued to be loud and energetic.

We understand there is always the fear of sitting next to someone slightly delusional, but you have options: Continue talking to them (everyone has an interesting story), talk to the person on the other side of you (unless they are engaged in another conversation), or just wait for dessert, when it’s all change. In case you wondered, it doesn’t descend into chaos, TableCrowd cleverly had a map to your next seat location on the back of everyone’s name card. This of course would not be a challenge for a mixed bunch of talented CEOs, founders and doctors … not sure how some just never made it to their destination! Even so, the conversations continued.

Dessert then followed, and whilst everyone else was tucking in, Kate Newhouse from Dr Care Anywhere introduced the start-up she’s recently joined, and how and why she’d ended up there. As the lights started to turn off in the private dining room of The Green gastropub, this warm summers night eventually had no choice but to come to an end. Of course, there are always a brave few who go walking into the night in search of more….

This HealthTech Start-Ups Dinner was the first such event. Yet, OBH is absolutely sure that there will be more dinners to come, so watch this space!

Thank you for our sponsors Propel London, and Rackspace.
Photos courtesy of TableCrowd.


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Dr Nasrin Hafezparast is dual trained in both Computer Science and Medicine, both at University College London. She’s worked as a medical doctor in North Central London. Nasrin has an entrepreneurial background and skill set. Her interest in technology led her to co-found and manage a website design and development agency in 2004 where she explored the online tech space and continues to manage a successful online B2B venture today. Nasrin brings an invaluable combination of technology and healthcare experience to OBH’s work.

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