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June 2017

Health Plus Care Conference 2017

Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees, CEO/founder, spoke to a strong 100+ group at the Clinical Commissioning Theatre on ‘New approaches to contracting for whole population-based, outcomes focussed services’. Diving into the detail and sharing case studies where OBH have supported commissioners on segmentation approaches, the difference between segmentation and risks stratification, and why we must think about segmenting populations by similar needs. Continuing the standardised (locally configurable) approach OBH have developed, Rupert shared the challenges around linking datasets and measuring outcomes, giving commissioners and providers the baseline data they need to create their outcomes-based contracts and monitor improvement.

June 2017

Silicon Valley tech trade mission as part of the Mayor's International Business Programme

As part of the Mayor’s International Business Programme, Nasrin was selected to go on a tech trade mission as part of the SVC2UK programme. A group of 15 female founders and entrepreneurs scaling their businesses.

Meetings with leaders in some of the largest tech companies in the world such Apple Healthcare, Google X, Kiva, Slack, Twitter, Instagram as well as numerous VCs were organised. Nasrin described an inspirational, energy fuelled experience that broke the bounds of the opportunities that cutting edge technology is creating in meeting the needs and expectations of patients, in delivering care that improves people’s lives.

Read more about Nasrin’s experience here:

May 2017

OBH Outcomes Platform is on G-Cloud 9

We are delighted to announce that the Crown Commercial Service has awarded Outcomes Based Healthcare supplier status on the latest Digital Marketplace platform, G-Cloud 9.

The OBH Outcomes Platform is available as a Cloud Software Service and provides users with true health outcome measures at a population and cohort/condition level. The Platform offers insights that can help drive clinical decisions, as well as support commissioning decisions for outcomes-based contracts.

In addition, OBH offers a range of support services via the Cloud Support Service framework. These will enable clients to navigate the landscape of health and care outcomes, and prepare them for seamless use of the OBH Outcomes Platform.

Click here for our G-Cloud Outcomes Platform

Click here for our G-Cloud Outcomes Platform Support Services

May 2017

Government Outcomes (GO) Lab: Better Commissioning for Healthier Lives

Senior outcomes analyst Ellie spoke at a symposium at the Government Outcomes (GO) Lab, part of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford. The theme was ‘Better Commissioning for Healthier Lives’, and Ellie spoke and led workshops on how to develop an outcomes framework in healthcare. The attendees included an enthusiastic mix from council leaders, commissioners and academics.

We’re excited about hearing more from the GO Lab in the future – a new programme, jointly funded by HM Government, researching innovative public sector commissioning to achieve better social outcomes.

More information on the symposium can be found here.

Watch Ellie’s interview with GO Lab here.

May 2017

NHS Digital trade mission to Brazil and Hospitalar Conference

OBH’s COO – Juliana, visited Brazil on a trade mission with NHS Digital to help promote Britain’s expertise in health tech in South America. She spoke at Hospitalar – the largest healthcare trade show in South America – about building outcomes frameworks and collecting outcomes data using smartphones, all in Portuguese! The 2017 event, where the theme was Digital Health, attracted over 90,000 attendees.

At OBH we’re interested in Brazil for a few reasons. Firstly, the Brazilian healthcare system is similar in structure to the NHS – the public system provides universal coverage that is free at the point of use. Secondly, with a total spend of almost $200 billion and a population of over 200 million – the opportunity to improve health outcomes is massive. Thirdly, (and perhaps most importantly) – two members of #teamOBH (Ju and Lu) are Brazilian!

May 2017

OBH selected to be part of London Mayor's 'Go To Grow' programme

We’re proud to have been selected as one of the fifth cohort of the London Mayor’s Go To Grow Programme. Open to fast-growing companies in tech, urban infrastructure and life sciences, the programme offers bespoke mentoring, workshops and opportunities to be part of international trade missions. Whatsmore, we’ll get to learn from and work with some of the most exciting startups in London. The London tech (and HealthTech) scene has grown massively in OBH’s 4 year history, we’re honoured to be recognised as a small London company with BIG potential!

Later in June, our co-founder Nasrin will be on a trade mission with the deputy Mayor of London to Silicon Valley, as part of the Female Founders in Silicon Valley mission.

May 2017

WHF Keynote Seminar on commissioning health services in England: funding, outcomes and delivering Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

We were delighted that our CEO and founder Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees was invited to speak at the Westminster Health Forum on ‘Commissioning Health Services in England: funding, outcomes and delivering Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships ‘. He talked about the power of digital technology in measuring population health outcomes. Chaired by Baroness Jay of Paddington, Rupert shared the stage with a range of enthusiastic thought leaders including Prof. Sir Muir Gray of Better Value Healthcare and Dr Neil Bacon of IWantGreatCare.

April 2017

Social Innovation at the Call & Check Conference

Call & Check is an innovative, yet simple service developed by the island of Jersey’s postal service – Jersey Post. Postmen and women provide a regular visit for individuals who would benefit from a little extra support. They can relay a message, raise concerns or merely offer a helping hand to people in need. The initiative has been so well-received that 9,000 islanders are now caring for people – and there has been interest in replicating the scheme from the Finnish Postal Service and the Henry Ford institute of Detroit.

Our CEO and founder, Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees, spoke at a Call & Check conference on how we can best use outcomes measures to measure those things that matter to vulnerable populations, including  outcomes such as the reduction of isolation and loneliness.

March 2017

NHSE Vanguards Conference: Sharing the learning with Stockport Together Vanguard

This event focused on sharing the learning coming out of the multidisciplinary community providers (MCPs) and primary and acute care systems (PACS) new care model vanguards. It looked at what is working well and what can be replicated in other areas around the United Kingdom.

In a packed session on sharing the learning, CEO and founder, Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees spoke alongside Dr Cath Briggs, Stockport Together’s Clinical Lead about the development of Stockport Together’s Outcomes Framework. They discussed what we’ve learnt by working on the Stockport Together programme – a project to create better health and care outcomes for the people of Stockport, including a detailed view of whole-population segmentation in Stockport, and the approach to outcome selection and baselining.

The slides are available at:

March 2017

OBH invited to the Government Office for Science: Algorithms for Health Workshop

Our co-founder and CTO, Nasrin was invited to join the roundtable discussion at the ‘Algorithms, Data and Regulation Workshop’ hosted by the Government Offie for Science. The event was co-chaired by Sir Mark Walport (Chief Scientific Adviser to HM Government) and Sir Michael Rawlins (Chair of MHRA). The event brought together experts and stakeholders in national health data, algorithm development and medical device regulation, for a rich discussion in the future of medicine relating to data access and governance.

Machine learning algorithms have great potential to disrupt healthcare – efficiently identifying patterns in large volumes of data and providing new insight to clinicians. They discussed the challenges that algorithms pose in terms of medical device regulation, and the data access requirements to train, validate and deploy them in the NHS. In theory, the NHS – being one of the largest unified health systems globally, is well-placed to become a world-leader in the field due to the abundance of data it has access to. It is however essential that regulation keeps up with technological innovation to ensure this data is used safely, appropriately and ethically.

We were delighted to be able to contribute to this important and evolving discussion.

February 2017

Reform Conference on Big Data in Healthcare

In February 2017, the think tank Reform held a conference on Big Data. The event explored themes including Big Data and the issue of public trust and attitudes; Big Data in healthcare and Big Data in criminal justice.

Our co-founder and CTO, Nasrin spoke on the role of Big Data in Healthcare, and was part of the healthcare panel that looked at the challenges and opportunities of analytics in healthcare. She shared challenges of big data around her professional experience in medicine, the complexity of data governance, and how outcomes-based payments can be used as reimbursement for innovation, smart technologies that can make a difference to people’s lives.


December 2016

Ellie joins #teamOBH

Ellie Bragan Turner joins OBH as a senior health outcomes analyst from the Analytics team at Dr Foster Intelligence. We are absolutely delighted to have Ellie join us.

She studied Biological Anthropology at Christ’s College, Cambridge, and more recently received an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Ellie joined OBH from the Analytics team at Dr Foster, specialists in healthcare benchmarking, where she worked on developing new performance indicators for the Dr Foster Hospital Guide, collaborating with surgeons on the creation of clinically-relevant personal outcomes, and leading on international best-practice comparison projects. Ellie is interested in the self-management of long-term conditions, and conducted her MSc thesis on self-monitoring of blood sugars in people with diabetes.

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest colleague!

November 2016

Osborne Clarke Digital Health Pitch

We were excited to pitch at the Osborne Clarke (OC) Digital Health Event, where 10 new and established companies pitched in ‘Dragons’ Den’ style to an audience of investors and digital health enthusiasts (who were much friendlier than the fire-breathing investors from the BBC show!).

Each audience member was given a generous amount of (fake) OC cash to ‘invest’ in a winner. We had a brilliant time meeting other innovators, healthcare enthusiasts and investors.

November 2016

OBH’s Outcomes Platform selected to join NHS Innovation Accelerator

We’re delighted that OBH CEO Rupert has been selected to be a fellow of the 2016 NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)!

NHS England Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh and US digital health expert Professor Robert Wachter revealed in November eight health innovations to join the NHS Innovation Accelerator for 2016. The innovations chosen include the OBH’s Outcomes Platform – a web-based product that measures whether care provided is making a meaningful difference to people’s lives.

The NIA is a programme set up by NHS England in partnership with 15 Academic Health Sciences Networks, and is designed to “support exceptional individuals with a passion for learning and a commitment to share their learnings widely, scaling evidence-based innovations for greater patient benefit.”

The key focus for OBH is to shift measurement and reimbursement away from simply volume of illness treated, towards improving people’s health. The OBH Outcomes Platform supports NHS commissioners and care providers, who are actively working towards building value-based healthcare models in their organisations. It enables health systems to organise care between different providers more effectively, around outcomes that are important for people. With NIA support we’re aiming to have the platform being used across the country, covering at least 10% of England’s population in the next year.

“Being selected by NHS England as one of its eight innovations for 2016 is a fantastic opportunity to move to rewarding NHS organisations not only for the great work they do to treat patients, but for the serious efforts being made to prevent serious adverse events,” said Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees. “This reflects the huge amount of hard work the NHS is now putting into defining, measuring and paying for the things which actually matter to people.”

We very much look forward to working closely with both NIA mentors and our fellow NIA innovators in making healthcare work better for patients, watch this space!

You can find out more about the NIA, as well as information on past and present fellows here.

November 2016

Nico, Aseem and Andrew join OBH

The OBH family is growing quickly! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Nico, Aseem and Andrew – three new members of #teamOBH!

Nico brings a wealth of NHS experience from his roles as Head of Business Intelligence and Performance at Herts Valleys CCG, and Head of Informatics at East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust. He also has lots of experience outside the NHS – including in finance, retail and music. WIth a background in computer science, leadership and an MBA, we’re excited to have Nico’s expertise at OBH.

Aseem is a junior doctor based in Oxford, who is currently undertaking some exciting research in the field of radiology. He has been passionate about innovative ways to improve health outcomes since he was a medical student, and in addition to academia has worked in health strategy and government policy. Aseem is most excited by being able to complement his clinical duties by working on improving health outcomes on a wide scale.

Andrew joins us from Canada, where he was a senior analyst at University Health Network for four years. When not at OBH you will find Andrew travelling or at London Hackspace collaborating with others on a number of unique projects. We know how much Andrew loves to travel, and one of his first roles will be to represent OBH’s Sense 360 app at the World Innovation Summit for Health in Qatar.

More information on Nico, Aseem and Andrew, as well as the rest of the team can be found here.

November 2016

OBH Sense360 app selected for innovation showcase at World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) in Doha

OBH’s Sense360 app continues to generate buzz as it’s featured as one of the innovation showcases on display at this year’s World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH). WISH was launched in 2012 and serves to promote and facilitate innovation in healthcare across the world. This year’s Summit will take place 29th to 30th November at the Qatar National Convention Center, in Doha. The Sense360 app will be showcased with 20 other companies that represent some of the world’s most exciting healthcare innovations, ranging from practical devices and business models, to design-based solutions. The event will be attended by more than 1,000 global leaders, including government officials and healthcare experts to tackle the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

The Sense360 app has been featured in numerous articles and conferences, and recently won the Mobility Solution of the Year at the European IT and Software Excellence awards. It’s a research app that aims to continuously and passively measure health outcomes using smartphone sensor data. It was created in collaboration with SoftServe to help healthcare systems measure and pay for the value they provide. To read more about it check out our website Read more here

November 2016

Cygnet Mental Health event

Rupert was invited to speak at a Cygnet Mental Health Event entitled ‘Professionals, Patients and Power – A paradigm shift in healthcare delivery’. The event explored topics in mental health including reflections from service users and carers, the changing face of safeguarding and outcomes-based commissioning. Rupert spoke on the outcomes-based approach within mental health – alongside our friends from Beacon UK. The outcomes-based approach has huge potential to improve the lives of people with depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, and we were particularly interested in hearing from patients and carers about how this might be achieved.

November 2016

OBH host another Health Tech Dinner with TableCrowd

“We hosted another Health Tech Dinner – and were delighted to be joined by friends from the following companies: Attain, ABC, ZPB, Aparito, Raremark, Accurx, Ctrl Group, Distillr, Ocushield, Results, Thriva, Wellvine, Medopad, Virgin, Hellopronto, the BMJ, Saatchi & Saatchi, Results International, Cydar, Number8, and Cox (amongst others!).

Along with catching up with old and new friends, we discussed some of the really tough questions in healthcare:

- How can we build innovative products or services that are truly disruptive, and are affordable and accessible, to improve health and care?
- Do we understand the real problems we face as a society, and how can we utilise technology to solve them?
- How can we sell our products or services to the NHS or any other healthcare system?

We enjoyed a thrilling talk from Chris Lewis, Partner at Results International who called on his immense experience in fundraising and exit strategies in healthcare.

No Tech Dinner would be complete without a 360 degree video – and our thanks go to Maneesh Juneja for recording this.

We very much look forward to the next one, watch this space!”

October 2016

"‘Outcomes’- one of the most misused terms in the NHS?"

Highland Marketing hosted a guest interview with OBH in October. Here, OBH CEO – Rupert argues that although the need for better outcomes has become widely accepted in the NHS, we need to disentangle outputs from outcomes.

There are however, reasons for optimism. More than ever there’s an appetite amongst healthcare organisations to focus on developing a patient-centred approach to measuring quality, and lots of work is being done at the moment across the NHS aiming to move towards a more personalised and responsive health system. The future is bright!

Read more here.

July 2016

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry Journal: “it’s a little spooky, yet fascinating, to learn that our smartphones also can tell if we’re feeling ill or sad”

The OBH Sense 360 smartphone app was featured in July’s edition of the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry journal. We explained how the project will initially involve collecting lots of passive and patient-reported data, and then using machine learning analysis to find out which measures could be used to predict health and wellbeing. The work is funded by a £100,000 grant from Innovate UK.

The project is the first to correlate patient reported outcomes, passive data from sensors and machine learning. Our hope is that it will be used to help move healthcare commissioning from focusing on processes of care, to valuing the outcomes that matter most to patients.

You can read the whole article here.

July 2016

OBH featured in TeleMedicine Magazine

Telemedicine Magazine included an article on OBH in their series focusing on the growing trend of doctors getting involved with healthcare startups. Rupert, OBH CEO, explained that during his time as a GP he was ‘frustrated that we were terrible at understanding whether we are making a difference to people’s lives in a systematic way”.

He ended with some sound advice for aspiring medical entrepeneurs: “if you’re having these [entrepreneurial] ideas early, listen to them. There are lots of people who are very unhappy in medicine, and even though they are doing wonderful jobs, their skills could very well be deployed elsewhere”.

Read the rest of the story here.

July 2016

Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar: Improving diabetes outcomes: personalisation, innovation and rolling out the Diabetes Prevention Programme

Rupert spoke at the Westminster Health Forum (WHF), which was titled ‘Improving diabetes outcomes: personalisation, innovation and rolling out the Diabetes Prevention Programme’. The WHF regularly hold events bringing together policymakers and healthcare stakeholder to collaborate on heath policy. Rupert shared a stage with clinicians and policy makers, and discussed ways to promote earlier diagnosis, provide more consistent care and how we can use data to improve outcomes in people with diabetes.

July 2016

OBH @ Digital Health Summit and Exhibition

The Digital Health Summit is an annual event that aims to exhibit how the latest technologies are transforming health care and how embracing digital innovations can help healthcare leaders deliver for patients.

We were delighted to meet so many tech-savvy health enthusiasts, and it was great to hear about about some of the incredible innovations that are soon to be available! The summit highlighted the fact that ‘while 70% of flights are booked online and banking customers access smartphone apps 7,600 times a minute, only 2% of patients have had any digital interaction with NHS services.’

June 2016

OBH @ Health+Care 2016

The OBH team could be found at the Health+Care 2016 conference at London’s ExCel Centre. In addition to running a stand with our partner Capsticks, Rupert spoke on stage in a session chaired by Dr Foster, about how CCGs are beginning to use value-based metrics.

Watch Rupert talk here about the importance of measuring metrics and creating meaningful local measures, relevant to high quality healthcare performance.

June 2016

Digital Health innovation | The role of data

The Digital Health Innovation event was hosted by law firm Osborne Clark, and Rupert joined a panel of guests with a range of interests including machine learning, engineering and digital health law. We were particularly excited to hear from Dr Adam Hill, Chief Medical Officer at McLaren Applied Technologies – who explained how the sensors of a Fomula 1 car, real time data analytics, predictive analytics and its software platform are relevant to healthcare.

Read more about it here.

June 2016

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

OBH CEO Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees chaired a discussion at the Royal Society of Medicine event – ‘Effective Patient Centred Integrated Care for Children, Young People and their Families’. The day was aimed at helping individuals involved in paediatric healthcare to understand how ‘children and families themselves, workforce development and the introduction of new models of care can be utilised to improve quality of care and health outcomes.’

Rupert’s session in particular focused on how best to use Patient-Centred Outcome Measures (PCOMS) to improve care in acute paediatric services and in caring for those with a complex disability. You can catch up on people’s thoughts during the event by using the twitter hashtag #ChildPatientCare

Find more info here.

June 2016

Ivan, our summer intern from UCL starts at OBH

We’re delighted to welcome Ivan to the Outcomes Based Healthcare family! A medical student at UCL, Ivan has already started a non-profit organisation called Limitless Generation CIC and a healthcare smartphone app – SUVERA. He has a keen research interest in healthcare systems and how technology can make them better in the future – we think he’ll fit in well at OBH!

May 2016

Big Data Leaders Europe

Big Data Leaders Europe is the largest big data event in the life sciences sector – bringing a range of key figures together under one roof. Our CEO, Rupert, was part of a panel discussing the use of digital health system solutions in Europe’s healthcare systems. The panel discussion, where Rupert was joined by NHS Clinical Information Officers, centred on how using digital healthcare can empower patients, improve therapeutic outcomes and generate efficiency savings.

May 2016

Health 2.0 Barcelona

Our CEO Rupert had the opportunity to proudly show off the OBH outcomes platform in front of digital health champions from all over Europe at the Health 2.0 event in May. He talked about how it’s possible to accurately measure and pay for outcomes for a population, and discussed the benefits of moving towards a patient-centred approach to commissioning.

You can find a video of the presentaton here.

May 2016

Diabetes care leading the outcomes way

In May, Rupert headed up to Leeds for the third in a series of events hosted by Primary Care Commissioning focused on outcomes based approaches to buying diabetes services.

Rupert told the audience that diabetes was leading the way in trying out innovative outcomes based approaches to commissioning care, helped by the clearly defined patient group and the consensus on which outcomes to measure.

We were delighted to take part and this blog sums up the debate better than we could!