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#OBHIS2 – Two Things We’ve Learned …About Digital Health

To celebrate our birthday and the start of the ‘terrible twos’ (hopefully not…) we decided to take a look back at the past two years, and reflect on what we’ve […]

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New OBH project to measuring diabetes outcomes with mobile phone sensor data

In March 2015, we were very excited to secure a match funded grant for a £100,000 project from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to innovate the way health outcomes are measured in diabetes.

Knowledge about specific behaviours, lifestyles and environments is known to reveal insights about how an individual’s condition is most likely to progress and impact on their health outcomes. Through this work, we are creating a new technology to make acquiring this knowledge as easy as carrying your phone in your pocket.

The project is the first to record and correlate quality of life surveys and data from mobile phone sensors harnessing innovative machine learning technology, and we hope it will help healthcare to move beyond the current system of measuring and paying based on activity and processes of care, to understanding the actual impact of their services, interventions and treatments on the patient’s life.

PRESS RELEASE: Outcomes Based Healthcare and Big Data Partnership Secure Grant for a £1m Project To Use Big Data to Predict Complications of Diabetes

Outcomes Based Healthcare, one of the UK’s leading health outcomes advisory and technology companies and Big Data Partnership, big data service provider across all industries, today announced that they have secured […]

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Rupert Dunbar-Rees presented at EHI Live 2014 on ‘Using Data for Better Patient Outcomes’

Amid the furore surrounding patient identifiable data, Rupert and Mike Smith (CTO, MedeAnalytics) demonstrated how 21st century privacy enhancing technology can be used to allow data from the whole health economy to be linked at the patient level, enabling rich outcome measures for better patient care.