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What Steve Jobs can teach you about your health

What’s the point of having an on/off button on your phone? Encouraging Jobs’ new thinking unleashed a myriad of different and often better designs for powering up devices. So, what was it that allowed all these different ways of achieving the same result to flourish? More specifically, the question we should be asking is: how can we design the care system to help, rather than hinder, what patients are trying to achieve? As a junior doctor and GP, I was as frustrated as patients at all the seemingly pointless processes we both ‘had’ to jump through, even if we both knew they were detrimental to the overall objective. One day a patient confronted me with her long-winded route to getting help. But that is how the system is set up. And it is bonkers. We need to focus on outcomes. You might say that it’s hard to define and measure outcomes. It’s a good question, but there are solutions. In the meantime, let’s figure out what people want from treatment at a GP surgery or the hospital. Let’s figure out our outcomes before we start re-inventing the on/off button.

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