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Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees

Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees is Founder/CEO of Outcomes Based Healthcare, and a GP by background. He trained in Medicine at Imperial College, gaining a degree in Orthopaedics from University College London. He was a Partner in general practice for five years before joining the Dept of Health, London for three years, as Clinical Lead on the Commercial Team. He led the clinical work stream on a £1.25BN NHS procurement programme, resulting in 265 new GP surgeries across the UK. Rupert was selected for the Value Based Healthcare Delivery course at Harvard Business School, where he studied the principles underpinning outcomes based approaches to healthcare globally. He holds a finance MBA with distinction from CASS Business School in the City, with an award-winning research dissertation on the healthcare market in England. Rupert is a BMJ published author and peer reviewer on competition in healthcare, and health outcomes. In 2016, Rupert was selected as one of eight NHS Innovation Fellows by NHS England.

Juliana Bersani

Juliana Bersani is co-founder and COO at OBH. An economist by background, Juliana worked in strategy consulting, with a strong emphasis in finance and M&A, before moving into the healthcare sector. Following a MBA from CASS Business School, she joined a large international organisation that provides research, consulting, and technology services to healthcare providers worldwide, with focus on quality and operational efficiency in acute care. She concentrated on new market entry and international sales strategy for Latin America and Southern Europe, working with acute providers’ C-suite in trying to identify solutions to their immediate strategic needs. At OBH, Juliana’s focus is twofold; drawing upon a strong background in statistics, her work involves accurate measurement and presentation of outcomes data, ensuring metrics are a true representation of outcomes performance. Juliana’s work also includes reimbursement and contracting for outcomes, having co-authored the paper “Contracting for Outcomes: A Value-Based Approach”, written as a partnership between OBH and Capsticks. Juliana is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

Dr Nasrin Hafezparast

Dr Nasrin Hafezparast is co-founder and CTO at OBH. She is dual trained in both Computer Science and Medicine, both at University College London. As a fully qualified medical doctor, she has experience working as a doctor in A&E, General Practice and Hospital Medicine in London. Nasrin has an entrepreneurial background and skill set. She is a Teaching Fellow and co-leads the healthcare pathway in the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL, and is an Advisory Board member of Reform, the independent think-tank. She was selected by Management Today as one of ’35 women under 35′, and selected as one of ‘Twenty women in data & tech’ by The Female Lead and Women in Tech.  She spoke at TEDxTehran on ‘Breaking through the disease barrier’. In addition, her interest in technology led her to co-found a website design and development agency in 2004 where she explored the online tech space and continues to manage a successful online B2B venture today.

Nasrin brings an invaluable combination of technology and healthcare experience to OBH’s technical and process work on outcomes measurement. She has an extensive understanding and background in clinical and health datasets, and patient-reported data. Harvard Business School Value-Based Healthcare Delivery alumnus.

Mushtaq Khan


Mushtaq Khan is a business intelligence specialist with over 10 years experience working in the NHS. Delivering bespoke performance reporting frameworks, QIPP financial modelling and reporting tools across much of East and Central London NHS organisations. Mushtaq’s focus over the last few years has been on a myriad of projects aimed at delivering the integrated care agenda including the Better Care Fund, primarily on modelling specialties which look to prevent unplanned admissions and moving care out of hospitals and into the community. Previously Mushtaq led on the production of a range of acute productivity metrics across North Central London CCGs and their associated hospital providers.

At OBH, Mushtaq works as a NHS informatics specialist developing technical specifications for the outcome sets, and working with clients to extract baseline outcome data.

Luciano Bersani


Luciano Bersani is a developer at OBH. Luciano has a background in computer science, with OCA Java SE7 certification and with J2EE development experience, having developed several projects for telecom and media companies. He is a programmer at heart, having the ability to program in Java, HTML, Javascript and SQL, but he also has extensive expertise in web development. He speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Italian.

Nico Schonken

Nico Schonken is an information and data integration professional with experience in setting up data services, data governance and business intelligence systems.  He has also been involved in creating information strategies for large NHS organisations. Nico has worked in a variety of industries including finance, retail, music and the NHS. Before joining OBH, Nico was head of business intelligence and performance at Herts Valleys CCG, and head of informatics at East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, where in both roles, he led teams of analysts and software developers.

He is a trained software developer, holding an MSc in Computer Science and an MBA. He is also a certified Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner and was recently part of the Kings Fund Leadership programme. His specialties include Business Intelligence software and technologies, Project Management, People Management, Business Analysis, Account Management and Information Governance.

Ellie Bragan Turner

Ellie is a Senior Health Outcomes Analyst at OBH. She studied Biological Anthropology at Christ’s College, Cambridge, and more recently received an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Ellie joined OBH from the Analytics team at Dr Foster, specialists in healthcare benchmarking, where she worked on developing new performance indicators for the Dr Foster Hospital Guide, collaborating with surgeons on the creation of clinically-relevant personal outcomes, and leading on international best-practice comparison projects. Ellie is interested in the self-management of long-term conditions, and conducted her MSc thesis on self-monitoring of blood sugars in people with diabetes.

Jacquelyn Bell


Jacquelyn Bell is a writer by background and Executive Assistant at OBH, providing support to Dr Rupert Dunbar-Rees. Jacquelyn has extensive experience providing senior-level business support to a wide range of health-related organisations, including The Health Foundation, Asthma UK, Institute of Child Health at UCL, Newhealth and Beacon UK. Jacquelyn has credits in children’s television for the BBC and, as a classical singer, is currently a soprano in the chorus of Riverside Opera, a community based opera company, as well as being part of their management team.  Jacquelyn has qualified teacher status and holds a BA (Hons) in Ancient History and Archaeology.

Alice Vodden


Alice is a researcher at OBH. Alice is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Global Sustainable Development and Business at the University of Warwick, where she will return to complete her final year following this placement. Her most recent work focused on the public health interventions implemented in order to address recent outbreaks of malaria in Kenya. Alice is a keen rower and sportswoman, returning back to the UK following 10 years spent living and studying in Australia and Switzerland to pursue her higher education. With a particular interest in operational management and clinical systems improvement, after graduating Alice intends to further explore the relationship between targets and outcomes in healthcare, specifically the provision of a high level of service meeting patient needs in an acute, emergency care setting.

Maha Naeem


Maha Naeem is a researcher at OBH. Maha earned a first-class BSc in Neuroscience from Dalhousie University in Canada. She also holds certificates in Science Leadership and Communication, Neurotechnology Innovation, and Mental Health First Aid. Maha was selected for the RADIANT Summer Institute in Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship where she gained a new perspective on value-based design and entrepreneurship in healthcare. She also has experience as a mental health responder and teaching assistant. Maha is interested in mental health care, arts for rehabilitation, and health promotion.

Associates and Collaborators

We have the pleasure to work with some of the absolute experts and innovators in the field of outcomes based healthcare, with deep practical and/or academic expertise in one or more of the more technical areas of this approach– for example: segmentation, health outcomes, payment systems, co-production, contracting for outcomes, PROMs (patient reported outcomes measures)/measurement, outcomes data models. They are all recognised experts in their own fields. All of them ‘get’ outcomes based approaches. Above all, they are deeply trusted and respected colleagues and friends.

We also have an OBH Clinical Associates Network , consisting of associates and colleagues with specialist clinical experience and knowledge. 

Dr Nicola Davies

Dr Nicola Davies is a Health Psychologist and Senior Medical Writer with over 17 years research and writing experience. She trained in the psychometric properties and operational characteristics of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) at Oxford University, where she was part of the Unit of Healthcare Epidemiology. Here, she conducted systematic reviews commissioned by the Department of Health to facilitate PROM selection for a range of chronic conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This led to Nicola playing a key role in the selection of PROMs for the Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS Improvements National Cancer Survivorship Initiative. During this time, she was a member of the Department of Health Metrics Group. Today, Nicola continues to provide evidence-based consultancy and writing support to healthcare organisations striving to improve the care and outcomes of those living with chronic conditions, most recently producing large Dossiers on best practice for the pharmaceutical industry. She has over 150 publications worldwide and a number of self-management columns.

Heather Dawe


Heather Dawe is a leading Data Scientist who has 20 years experience of working at both a strategic and technical level to develop information and intelligence systems and processes that enable the enhancement of business decision making, therefore improving outcomes and productivity.
A recognised expert in healthcare intelligence, through her company, Anabasis, Heather provides expertise, analytics, web applications and other software tools to a number of diverse clients across the UK healthcare sector.
Heather has a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Leeds, an MSc in Statistics from the University of Sheffield and is in the final stages of writing up her PhD thesis at the University of Leeds.