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What We Do

Population Segmentation

At OBH, our expertise lies in population health and outcomes data. We understand local care pathways, drawing data from multiple datasets and creating data definitions. We work closely with health economies to implement a segmentation model that meets local requirements:
  • Offering configuration options to match local priorities
  • Grouping people by similar health needs and priorities, so that local care can be tailored to those needs
  • Displaying movements and overlaps between population segments, as a marker of overall population health
  • Comparing the socio-demographic characteristics of each segment, offering insight into health inequalities
  • Stratifying by severity within each segment, to grasp the pace of progression of different conditions, and how they interact with one another
  • Linking this information to data on activity, cost and price, to understand resource utilisation by segment, and identify opportunities to save money, whilst improving outcomes
  • To underlie an outcomes framework, where outcomes reflect what truly matters to the people in each segment
The end result is a meaningful population segmentation model, which can provide unlimited local insights, as well as forming the solid foundation for a good outcomes framework.

Read OBH’s white papers on ‘Segmentation for Outcomes’ and segmentation analytics solutions for population health management.

Outcomes Platform

Full adoption of outcomes based healthcare means tackling a range of data and technology challenges, and we are fully engaged in addressing these. At OBH, we support clients with
  • A suite of specialist outcome measurement tools that enable powerful insights into outcomes data, including comprehensive technical specifications and data descriptions
  • Enabling measurement of outcomes for specific populations across care pathways that span multiple providers, resulting in standard Outcomes Frameworks for your population.
  • Intuitive visualisations of outcomes data for dynamic populations, through our Digital Outcomes Platform
  • And cutting edge research and innovation in outcomes prediction through big data and machine learning.
View more details about the Outcomes Platform.

Specialist Advice

We work with healthcare providers, commissioners and patients who wish to define outcomes which matter to people, and organise processes of care around clearly defined outcomes. We have the capability to advise on all steps of implementing an outcomes-based approach:
  • Co-define outcomes that matter to people through workshops with stakeholders representing all parts of the care cycle, including patients and their advocates
  • Determine appropriate measures for outcomes
  • Evaluate contracting options for whole pathway outcomes measurement across multiple providers
  • Support outcomes-driven service redesign
We firmly believe that outcomes-based approaches offer the only sustainable future in healthcare. For that reason we assist organisations with “upstream readiness” in terms of winning hearts and minds through teaching, supporting funding applications and organisational development to help develop and implement outcomes at a population level. Our approach often begins with a series of outcomes-based educational sessions. These sessions are vital to introducing clients to the real meaning of “value” in healthcare and what implementation of an outcomes based approach looks like in practice. We run masterclasses and workshops for commissioners, healthcare providers, clinicians or anyone who has an interest in implementing outcomes and value-based approaches to healthcare.

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